Eat Local: Resources to Support Sacramento Restaurants

If you are looking to support a local business during this pandemic, we have gathered a few sources for you to check out while looking for food. Gift cards are also a great way for businesses to get support and for the potential of new business after the stay at home mandate is lifted. Check out their website, social media and call ahead to ensure they are still open and if their hours have changed.

Check out the list of Sacramento based restaurants that are still open and serving food as delivery or take-out. Some have special packages and discounts for families during this stay-at-home mandate.

Below is a list of all California Certified Farmer's Markets that are allowed to stay open during the mandates -- hours and contact phone numbers are included. It is advised to check in to make sure they are still holding the market as normal and hours have not changed.

Beer and Wine

To find out more about the places mentioned in the interview, check out their websites:

Tower Brewing

Boeger Winery

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