Former Sgt Sues Yolo County Sheriff's Office, Claims They Lied About Firing

A former sergeant is suing the Yolo County Sheriff's Office for wrongfully firing him.  In his lawsuit, Dean Nyland said that he went to the YCSO internal affairs department after one of his superiors admitted to driving a county vehicle while drunk. Nyland claims he also reported that same supervisor for making inappropriate comments to women working at the Sheriff's Office, and he complained about another officer who he alleged was having sexual relations with someone in the YCSO records office.

All of that late led to senior management covering up the sexual harassment incidents, according to court documents. Nyland also claims he was shunned, labeled as a liar, and he was put on administrative leave in retaliation before being fired.

He is also is suing for alleged age discrimination.

The Sheriff's Office has publicly responded to the lawsuit.