Supe's Want Sac Co Executive Officer Out For Lax COVID Meeting Precautions

At least two Sacramento County Supervisors are calling for the County Executive Officer's resignation after he presided over over an in-person meeting of over 40 top county executive staff members, most of whom ignored COVID-19 precautions including not wearing masks. As a result of that meeting, ten people are in quarantine and others are reportedly at risk of testing positive for the virus.

In a Facebook post Supervisor Phil Serna said he is being joined by Supervisor Patrick Dennis Kennedy in asking County CEO Nav Gill to step down. Gil was reportedly among those who failed to wear a mask during the meeting.

"Just as you should have confidence in me as an elected member of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, the Board itself, the public we represent, and thousands of proud county public servants must have confidence in the administrative head of the largest local government in the Sacramento Valley," writes Serna. "That necessity for trust and assurance is even more pronounced during a historic pandemic."

In their letter calling for his resignation, Supervisors Serna and Kennedy also criticized what they described as Gill's "patterned behavior and questionable leadership and decision making."

Gill's contract requires four votes from the five-member Board to fire him. It's not certain if there are enough votes on the Board to remove him if he chooses not to resign.