VIDEO: Wife Tries To Confront Cheating Husband & His Girlfriend At Airport

When a person finds out that their significant other is cheating, they have a couple options - they can quietly end the relationship, or they can go a more dramatic route and find a way to confront their partner. Some jilted lovers have done this by shaming the cheater by putting up posters around the neighborhood or sharing texts online or playing incriminating videos at their wedding, while others have gotten a little more physical.

Well one Chicago resident named Tiffany Coats recently learned her husband was having an affair and shared her story on TikTok. Tiffany got suspicious when her husband told her he was going to Vegas. She decided to call the airline and was able to get from them the name of who he was flying with. Tiffany tracked down that woman's Facebook page and learned she was married as well, so Tiffany contacted her husband and filled him in on everything. Then, Tiffany and the other woman's husband went to the airport and waited for their cheating spouses to return. She posted videos of what happened next.

In the first one, she heads to the baggage claim to find her husband. It ends with her tapping her foot as she anxiously awaited the confrontation.

The next video explains how she and her husband's girlfriend's spouse grabbed their cheating partners' luggage to force a confrontation. As they waited for their spouses to come to them for their bags, they went through the suitcases. The girlfriend's husband found a bunch of new clothes his wife got in Vegas and he gave them all to Tiffany.

It took an hour for anything exciting to happen, but in the next clip Tiffany revealed what went down. While her husband was still MIA, her husband's girlfriend showed up and started yelling at her spouse for giving Tiffany all her new clothes, which means that she and Tiffany's husband had been watching them. When that woman's husband started emptying her suitcase and throwing her panties around a parking lot, Chicago police were called. Meanwhile, Tiffany was still looking for her man.

In the last video, Tiffany reveals her husband never came up to her at the airport and instead went to the TSA to report Tiffany for stealing his luggage. She says she refused to give him a single thing back and four months later, filed for divorce.

These days, Tiffany says she is single and very happy. Stay up to date with her by following her here.

Photo: Getty Images