Sacramento Boy Gets Law Enforcement Parade From Make-A-Wish

Photo: Getty Images

A local Sacramento boy who loves lights and sirens on law enforcement vehicles got his very own parade through Sacramento on Thursday morning (June 10), reports FOX40.

10-year-old Devin Wade, who has been battling a genetic condition since birth, was joined by students at Herman Leimbach Elementary School. They lined up on the sidewalk and held signs as they cheered on their classmate.

“Anytime he hears sirens, whatever he’s doing at that moment stops. And whatever I’m doing has to stop and we have to look out the window to see,” Devin’s father, Denny Wade told FOX40.

The parade started from the school parking lot and went through the streets of South Sacramento and eventually stopped at the Courtland Fire Station.

At the fire station, Devin was surprised with a cop uniform and a bike.

“I buy him fake handcuffs all the time and, literally, I give him little sticky notes with pens and he’ll write us tickets and handcuff us and say we’re arrested,” his dad said.

Devin's love for law enforcement even inspired his mother, Daniele Iseri, to pursue a career in public service. She is working on becoming a paramedic and is currently volunteering at a local fire department.

“Today is never going to be outdone,” Iseri told FOX40. “This is going to be the talk until the end of time.”

“It’s very emotional and I’m so happy this is happening for him,” added Wade. “It’s not only going to be a day he’ll never forget, but I’ll never forget it as well.”