KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Tuesday June 15th

Show Headlines:

  1. Governor Newsom has announced he will issue an executive order on Thursday to over-ride California regulators and allow fully vaccinated workers to take off their masks at work. Those not vaccinated will still have to wear masks.
  2. The University of California will require all students, staff, and faculty to be vaccinated this fall. Students with medical or religious reasons will be exempt from the requirement. California State University administrators are waiting for full FDA approval of the vaccines before mandating them.
  3. California state lawmakers have approved the Governor's budget. Democratic lawmakers are expected to negotiate with Newsom to secure a deal before the end of the fiscal year on June 30.
  4. The drought is dealing a devastating blow to California's endangered chinook salmon. Wildlife officials say low water levels being released from Shasta Lake into the Sacramento River could result in the death of 88% of chinook salmon eggs and young fish.
  5. The state prison in Susanville is set to close. KFBK's Aubrey Aquino with a special report.

Extra Links:

  • Highway 99 Project: It seems it's not exactly smooth sailing for everyone who has encountered the highway 99 road repair project. A four mile stretch of Highway 99 in South Sacramento has been shut down in both directions starting this past weekend and into Wednesday. Like many drivers on the road, Lance Woods a local comedian is wondering why now?
  • Hedge Fund Investor on Inflation One of the world's most respected wall street investors, Paul Tudor Jones Chairman of Just Capitol says the federal reserve continues to ignore the data showing rising inflation and if they keep interest rates low, then it's time to invest in the inflation trade like commodities, cryptocurrency, and gold.
  • Americans Are Terrible At Our Own Geography
  • John Stewart comments on the "Lab Leak Theory"

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