KFBK Morning News Show Recap -Tuesday June 22nd

Show Headlines:

  1. A panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is blocking a federal judge's decision to overturn California's weapons ban. The three-judge panel announced Monday it was putting a lower court's decision on hold. Judge Roger Benitez had ruled against the ban on June 4th, comparing an AR-15 semiautomatic to a Swiss Army knife, saying it was good for home and battle.  
  2. California lawmakers are putting the final touches on a plan to pay all the unpaid rent low-income Californians have run up during the pandemic that shut down the state's economy. The $5.2 billion payoff plan would be financed entirely by federal money. It would be the biggest act of rent forgiveness ever in the U.S. The state also proposes setting aside $2 billion to cover unpaid water and electricity bills. 
  3. Water lines on the banks of Lake Oroville have depleted so rapidly that the reservoir’s hydroelectric power plant may have to shut down for the first time ever, straining an already encumbered power grid during the hottest part of the summer. If they continue to plummet to a threshold of 640 feet, the powerplant will not have enough water to continue functioning in two to three months’ time.
  4. Sacramento's restaurants suffered the most during the worst of the pandemic and continue to struggle with labor shortages. Movie theaters, gyms, and some retailers also saw significant declines with weak recovery numbers still affecting those businesses. However, there were many sectors that saw no job losses, like the state government, construction, and Amazon. 

Extra Links:

  • Turns out coffee is great for your liver! People who drink coffee regularly have a reduced risk of developing chronic liver disease. The type of coffee doesn’t matter because caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee both seem to offer the same benefits.
  • Portland Police Association Executive Director Daryl Turner said that morale within the Portland Police Department "is as bad as it’s ever been before." He blames city officials who demonized law enforcement as the primary cause of mass resignations from the police bureau’s riot squad last week.

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