KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Tuesday July 6th

Show Headlines:

  1. Investigators have arrested a man who they say has been sending death threats to Modesto Mayor Sue Zwahlen on her Facebook page. She says in one message the sender wanted to kill her and even asked for her location. 45-year-old Gopi Rajagopal has been arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats and making threats to a public official.
  2. Three CSU Chico students are suing their school over the California State University system’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement. They all claim they contracted COVID-19, recovered from the virus and now have natural antibodies against it, so they say getting the vaccine would place them at risk of dying. Dorit Reiss is a vaccine law expert and says she expects more lawsuits to come, and she does believe it's important for the courts to weigh in on the boundaries for these vaccine mandates being considered by schools, workplaces, and businesses. But, she also points to a strong history of the courts upholding mandates and deferring to public health in this area.
  3. An estimated 350,000 Californians who are self-employed and work part-time jobs can now qualify for an extra $100 a week in unemployment payments. The benefits will go to those who earned limited regular salaries as well as more than $5,000 from self-employment. Eligible recipients will get a personalized invitation link so they can apply.
  4. A heat wave is expected to ramp up temperatures across the region and state, particularly inland areas. The National Weather Service predicts temperatures will climb to highs between 100 and 115 degrees in some parts of the Sacramento region starting Thursday.

Extra Links:

  • The City of Sacramento is doubling its rebates for those who make water-saving home renovations. To learn how to qualify, click here.
  • San Francisco police are investigating a handbag robbery at a Neiman Marcus store Monday evening. Here's a video of the incident: 
  • A leading public health expert says we can expect a recommendation soon that people over 65 and those with certain health conditions get a booster shot against COVID-19. Dr. Scott Gottlieb is the former head of the FDA and currently sits on the board of Pfizer. Here's what he said on Face the Nation.

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