The KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Thursday July 8th

Lead Stories:

  1. The city of Sacramento is moving into Stage One of its water shortage contingency plan. City Manager Howard Chan made the announcement, requiring a 10% cut in water usage by government entities and encouraging residents to do the same voluntarily. Although, if conditions continue to worsen, the mandate may extend to everyone. Ahead of yet another heat wave in Northern California, the city is also doubling its efforts for various water saving programs, including a cash-for-grass program and pumped-up conservation rebates.
  2. Amtrak has announced a $3.4 billion deal with the Sacramento-based company Siemens Mobility Inc. Amtrak will start out by buying 73 state-of-the-art trains from Siemens Mobility, with the option to buy ten more at a later date. 
  3. The California gubernatorial recall election is heating up. As candidates take to the airwaves to promote their platforms, there is word conservative talk show host Larry elder is seriously considering getting into the race. He's expected to make an announcement next week. 
  4. Newly elected SEIU Local 1000 President Richard Louis Brown wants union money out of California politics. Brown wants to cut dues and increase membership. Earlier this year, the SEIU Local 1000 board side-stepped Brown to donate one-million-dollars to Governor Newsom's recall defense.

Extra Links:

  • A San Francisco police officer is on the record saying, "chaos runs supreme here." Here's what lieutenant Tracy McCray told Fox News. In the wake of numerous robbers seen running out of Nieman Marcus at Union Square and jumping into waiting cars with expensive handbags they ripped off.

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