Governor Newsom's "Drought Declaration Expansion" Plan Draws Criticism


Photo: AFP

The Governor's "Drought Declaration Expansion" is drawing tough criticism, that it's 'too little, too late.'

Lawmakers and environmental groups remain critical of the state's response to a year that's drying up quickly. Restore the Delta Executive Director Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla points at the Department of Water Resources for mistakes they've made to land California in this predicament. Assemblymember Frank Bigelow is also critical, releasing a statement saying, "voters have been ignored, and we still have no new water storage," and while he thanks the Governor for finally acting, believes "it's too little too late."

Across California, urban water use is down by 16 percent since before the previous drought, Newsom said Thursday. But with temperatures rising and no precipitation expected for several more months, the entire state could soon be under a state of emergency, according to NBC News.

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