KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Tuesday July 20th


  1. Governor Newsom is resisting calls for new restrictions as the number of Covid-19 variant cases rise across California. Instead, the Governor is encouraging more vaccinations.
  2. Pacific Gas & Electric Company may be responsible for sparking the Dixie Fire now burning across Northern California. In a report to the California Public Utilities Commission, the utility company says a worker saw the fire while inspecting a blown fuse last Tuesday. In the report, PG&E says the worker could not reach the pole immediately because of "challenging terrain" and a bridge closure from road work. When PG&E arrived on the scene, a fire was already active on the ground. The blaze has exploded in size since then, scorching more than 30,000 acres in Butte and Plumas Counties.
  3. Billionaire Jeff Bezos is back on Earth after a short flight to the edge of space. The Amazon founder lifted off with his crew from West Texas this morning. He went up in a rocket designed by his own company, Blue Origin. The crew capsule landed and it marked the second trip by a billionaire to space this month. Richard Branson blasted off about a week ago.
  4. El Dorado County's Ted Gaines joining the recall election. Gains currently serves as a taxpayer advocate with the California State Board of Equalization. Gaines spent 12 years in the state Legislature, advocating for taxpayers, ratepayers, businesses and families. His gubernatorial campaign will focus on slashing taxes, reducing regulations and job creation. Gaines joins a crowded field of now 20 other Republicans for Governor, including John Cox, Caitlyn Jenner, Doug Ose and Kevin Faulconer. 

Extra Links:

  1. Dogs actually understand what you're saying. People will tell you it's not what you say to a dog that counts, it's how you say it. But now researchers say dogs respond to much more than your tone of voice. Click here for the source.
  2. This year alone, companies held have paid out at least 45-million dollars to cyber criminals. Here are some tips to avoid getting hacked. Click here for the source.
  3. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border security affects all Americans...and the way the border is currently operating is a slap in the face to lawfully traveling citizens. Click here for the source.
  4. Author Michael Wolf appeared on CNN to promote his new book in which Wolf claims that it was Rupert Murdoch, who owns and runs Fox News, ordered his news division to call Arizona for Joe Biden on the night of the election. During Wolf's appearance on CNN, the host, Brian Stelter argued with him. And that's when Wolf said this. Click here for the source.

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