Darrell Steinberg In Talks To Order Vaccine Proof For Sacramento Businesses

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg may order people to show proof of vaccination to get into bars, restaurants, concert venues and gyms.

The Mayor's office says it’s possible a recent negative test could also be accepted for entry. The mayor has been discussing the idea with local business leaders. “I’m fully onboard. That’s your right to not have to put certain things into your body that you don’t want; however, we also have a right to now want to get sick,” said says Jenea Green, a customer at the Rind in Sacramento. But other restaurant-goers aren’t all for it.

“Not something I care for because it’s forcing people if they want to support the community to do something that they may be morally against,” said Sacramentan Michele Williams-George.

A spokesperson for Mayor Steinberg’s office confirmed to CBS13 that the Mayor is in talks with the Sacramento business community about a citywide mandate. Prove your vax’d at the door or you can’t come in.

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