Californians May See Mandatory Water Restrictions, Here's When

Photo: Getty Images

California currently has voluntary water restrictions but they may soon become mandatory, reports ABC10.

Governor Gavin Newsom said that statewide restrictions may be going into effect in late September during his visit to Big Basin Redwoods State Park.

That is around two weeks after the September 14 recall election.

According to ABC10, residents and businesses in San Diego County have been able to cut down their water use by half since the early 1990s.

Even with the region's successful efforts in saving water, the historic drought is still intensifying throughout California and the western U.S.

"We're not here as a nanny state and not trying to here be oppressive," Newsom said last month as he unveiled his request for Californians to conserve. "Again, these are voluntary standards."

At the time, Newsom called on California residents to voluntarily cut back water consumption by 15%.

In the state's previous drought, Governor Jerry Brown mandated a 25% reduction in water use which was enforced by fines.

For tips on how good habits for saving water, click here.

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