Average Californian Would Give Up 4 Years Of Life To Keep Drinking Alcohol

Photo: Getty Images

Recent studies revealed some troubling truths about alcohol consumption in California.

One study conducted by Alcohol.org revealed that many people continue to drink despite knowing it could take years off their lives.

A recent study found that drinking any amount of alcohol has negative impacts on the brain and is linked to an increased risk of developing cancers than previously thought.

Alcohol.org's 3,700-person survey discovered that 30% of participants admit they ignore frequent studies warning of the health risks of alcohol.

Despite these health warnings, the average California drinker would even be willing to give up four years of their life if it meant they could continue to drink. Every American state is willing to give up several years of their life to continue drinking.

More than a third would give up their morning cup of coffee every single day if it means they could drink alcohol.

Photo: Alcohol.org

Furthermore, the survey found that more than a third of drinkers think that craft beer is healthier than regular commercial beer even though craft beers typically contain a higher ABV.

Nearly half of the survey's participants also believe moderate consumption of alcohol has health benefits.

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