California Recall Election Today

California Governor Newsom Unveils His Economic Recovery Package For The State

Photo: Getty Images North America

Today is election day in California.

It's the day voters decide if they want to keep or oust Gavin Newsom as governor. Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley Webber says she has no problem calling the election before all the votes are certified. Early returns favor Newsom. Of the ballots collected so far, 52% are from registered Democrats, 25% from Republicans, and 23% from Independents. However, recent history indicates Republicans tend to prefer voting in-person on election day.

Some results will be available as soon as polls close, however, since officials are allowed to begin processing mail ballots received before Election Day. If more than 50% of voters say yes to the removal question, the person who wins the most votes on the replacement question becomes governor, even if they have a small fraction of the overall vote.

You can look up your closest polling location at

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