KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Wednesday October 13th


  1. Students and staff at Sacramento City Unified now have a local COVID-19 vaccination deadline. The school board voted Tuesday to require students aged 12 and older to show proof of at least one vaccine dose by the start of the second semester. Teachers, meanwhile, need to show proof by November 30th. If a student fails to meet the requirement, they will have to enroll in independent study, or switch to homeschooling. All University of California students, staff and faculty must get a flu vaccine by November 19th. People can opt out of the flu vaccine, but they wear face masks on campus through the end of the flu season. 
  2. A new poll this morning finds more than half of Bay Area residents say they plan to leave the region in “the next few years.” San Jose think tank Joint Venture Silicon Valley found around 56% of more than 1,600 people surveyed in five counties are considering moving from the area...with 90% citing concerns about housing, cost of living and homelessness. 
  3. PG&E is planning for a second Public Safety Power Shutoff this week. The utility says Thursday's outage will affect roughly 29,000 customers across 19 counties. Forecasters say there will be a shift in wind patterns to a strong off-shore flow starting Thursday morning. Many of the same customers who lost power Monday will be knocked offline again.  

Extra Links:

  1. Former FDA commissioner says child vaccine mandates are 'multiyear effort.'
  2.  Senator Rand Paul says we're rapidly approaching $30 trillion in debt.
  3. Former Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard urges Americans to stand up for freedoms by holding their lawmakers accountable.

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