California Hits National Milestone In Fight Against COVID-19

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Photo: Getty Images Europe

California is marking a national milestone in the fight against coronavirus. 

It's now the only state to reach a moderate rate of transmission. Out of four levels, that's the second lowest. The CDC shows seven states are one step above at substantial. Those are: Hawaii, Connecticut, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia and Illinois, along with D.C. Every other state remains in the high level, with most seeing cases rise over the past week. In total, 44 states, jurisdictions and territories remain in the "high" level of transmission, eight were in the "substantial" level, three were in the "moderate" level and 2 were in the "low" level, according to ABC10.

Locally, most of Northern California falls into the CDC's "high" level for transmission. Nearby, Solano, El Dorado, and Alpine counties have made it into the "substantial" level. The county map can be viewed below or on the CDC website HERE. On the state level, California also has the lowest level of COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 for the past seven days, according to the CDC data. It was listed as .2 per 100,000.

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