This Is California's Most Famous Musician

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Every state has at least a couple of claims to fame. According to Insider, every state has at least one extremely famous musician.

To determine which musicians were the most famous in every state, Insider looked at east artists' popularity, awards, and record sales.

So which artist is California's most famous musician?

According to Insider, it's Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead.

Here's what Insider has to say about the legendary guitarist:

"There never was and never will be another musician like Jerry Garcia. While he's most known for his role in the Grateful Dead, he also released dozens of live and studio solo albums. His spirited guitar solos emitted an energy that could mesmerize entire stadiums of fans while his vocals could rock your socks off just as easily as they could soothe your biggest troubles. Garcia wasn't in it for the awards or recognition — he just loved to play. And that genuineness is what contributed to his legacy. He was a working-class kid from San Francisco who changed rock and roll forever."

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