KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Monday October 25th


  1. The Public Policy Institute of California's Water Expert, Jeffery Mount, says even with several inches of rain falling on Sacramento during this storm, the state's severe water deficit remains. Mount says there's basically two years of rainfall missing in the basin. Still, this ongoing storm surge will set the stage for future storms to generate water runoff. Mount says early season storms like this wet the soil, filling up the sponge. Rain is expected to continue through this afternoon. Record setting rain has been falling across much of California since Sunday morning. Downtown Sacramento set an all-time 24-hour rainfall with a total of 5.4 inches, breaking the old record of 5.2 inches set back in 1880. 
  2. KFBK has learned this morning that dozens of local students and their families who have been stranded in Afghanistan for months are now out of the country. The students go to school in the Sacramento City Unified school district. Recently three students from Ethel I Baker Elementary School were rescued. Only one family is left in the country, and they are set to be evacuated this week.
  3. The assistant director on the movie set where Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins reportedly had a history of allowing unsafe working conditions. Prop maker Maggie Goll previously worked with assistant director Dave Halls on the Hulu series, "Into the Dark." Goll told NBC News the sets were increasingly claustrophobic with no clear fire lanes and zero safety meetings.

Extra Links:

  1. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) addressed the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday about the Department Of Justice.
  2. CNN's Jake Tapper asks Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) about how she feels about two Senate Democrat holdouts, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), who are essential to pass a large social safety net bill. 
  3. House Foreign Affairs Committee member Darrell Issa on the fight to free trapped citizens in Afghanistan and bring them back to America.

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