California Legislators In Glasgow At Climate Change Conference

Ten California legislators are in Glasgow at a climate change conference.

They are pressing for a focus on equity, where wealthier countries contribute technology, know-how and financing to spread sustainable practices across the globe. Andy Katz, director of the East Bay Municipal Utility District, is one of nine members of the group Elected Officials to Protect America attending the conference. "The United States in Glasgow can fund the Green Climate Fund," Katz explained. "Where the United States has not made up for past inaction by the Trump administration, it needs to be able to help developing countries skip the dirty phase of development."

This year’s conference is the first since President Joe Biden took office and rejoined the Paris climate agreement to cut planet-warming greenhouse gas pollution worldwide, marking a seismic shift in the national approach to tackling climate change. It also marks a fundamental change to California’s role, no longer battling a federal foe in former President Donald Trump.  

Meetings begin on November 6th. 

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