Convicted Murderer Scott Peterson Moved Ahead Of Resentencing Hearing

Convicted murderer Scott Peterson is being moved from San Quentin in preparation of his resentencing hearing.

The California Supreme Court overturned Peterson's death sentence last year for killing his wife and unborn child, stating that the judge left out prospective jurors who were opposed to the death penalty. Peterson has been moved to the San Mateo County Jail, with his resentencing hearing scheduled for next week. Ahead of his resentencing where he is expected to receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole, a spokesperson with San Mateo County's Superior Court told KCRA 3 Peterson was moved to a jail in the county on Monday. He is not able to post bail.

He originally received a death sentence but that was overturned last year by the California Supreme Court because jurors who personally disagreed with the death penalty but were willing to impose it were improperly dismissed.

He will no longer face the death penalty, but he continues to try to have his conviction overturned, his attorneys claiming a juror was untruthful when she filled out a juror questionnaire.

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