KFBK Morning News Show Recap - December 3rd


  1. Pacific Gas & Electric is being fined $125 million for its role in the Kincade Fire
  2. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the Diablo Canyon plant in San Luis Obispo County should stay open because of its low-carbon energy benefits. PG&E owns the plant and says they will close it in four years. Diablo Canyon provides about 9% of energy to the state, but it's located on 13 fault lines and is 40-years old. PG&E notes they are shuttering the plant because of financial and operational reasons.   
  3. 14 people have been arrested in connection with a series of smash-and-grab robberies targeting businesses in the Los Angeles area. All 14 people arrested are no longer in custody in part because of the no-bail policy meant to reduce overcrowding in Los Angeles County's jails during the pandemic. 
  4.  San Jose has approved leasing new license plate reading cameras. The proposal was prompted by several high-profile robberies and thefts at retail stores in the Bay Area.

Extra Stories:

  1. The California International Marathon kicks off Sunday at 7 a.m. near the Folsom Dam and end at the State Capitol in Sacramento.
  2. Are you being spied on in your home? This site lets you know what items in your home may be watching you.
  3. Alumni are withholding donations and demand colleges enforce free speech.
  4. Joe Rogan blasted the media saying that "no one is being held accountable" for biased or false reporting.

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