Sacramento High School Staff Look To Leave After Increasing Campus Fights

Photo: john_swain

After a number of fights on campus, some teachers at a Sacramento high school are looking to leave. 

At Hiram Johnson High School, several fights have broken out leading to temporary lockdowns. A district spokesperson initially told KCRA 3 that several school staff members were sent to a local hospital for treatment. But spokesperson Hilary McLean clarified on Friday that two teachers sustained minor injuries as they attempted to maintain safety on the campus. “Two teachers sustained minor injuries as they attempted to help maintain safety on the campus,” read a statement from the district. “The injuries were not related to any direct physical altercation. The two teachers were evaluated by medics on campus as a precaution, and did not require any additional medical treatment.”

Cassandra Drysdale, who is also a volleyball coach at the school, tried to break up a brawl on November 9th and got hit in the head that led to a concussion. Others have looked at early retirement or transferring to online learning because they are concerned about their personal safety. Some teachers surmise the pandemic and social isolation are factors in the rise of violent outbursts. 

The Sacramento City Teachers Association filed two grievances — on Nov. 12 and on Dec. 2 — against the district for “failing to provide adequate staffing among certificated educators” and for “not responding appropriately to assaults” against staff and teachers. and repeated student violence.

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