San Mateo Rep. Jackie Speier Endorses Assembly Member Kevin Mullin

San Mateo Rep. Jackie Speier threw her weight behind her one-time staffer, Assembly Member Kevin Mullin. 

“I enthusiastically and unequivocally announce my endorsement of Kevin Mullin to replace me in the House of Representatives,” said Speier, flanked by Mullin’s supporters in front of South San Francisco City Hall. “Experience matters, collegiality matters, progressive values matters, delivering matters.”

Mullin was Speier’s district director when she was in the state Senate, and he was one of the first officials and political dignitaries to issue a statement after Speier’s surprise November announcement that she would not seek re-election. Mullin said if elected he would focus on election reform and environmental issues in addition to increasing funding for things like affordable housing, public transportation and universal childcare. He emphasized his past legislative achievements — a point made in the context of the largely local government credentials of his opponents. 

Prior to the Assembly, Mullin spent time on the South San Francisco City Council. Mullin’s father, Gene Mullin, similarly served as the mayor of South San Francisco before being elected the Assembly. 

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