Governor Newsom Calls For Gun Legislation For State Of California


Photo: AFP

California Governor Gavin Newsom wants legislation introduced in the next session of the state legislature to crack down on assault rifles and ghost guns. 

Specifically, he wants to use the strategy behind Texas' abortion law to enable citizens to sue anyone who makes or sells assault rifles and ghost guns in the state. Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court let stand a Texas law that allows private citizens to sue anyone who aids in an abortion. Governor Newsom, a Democrat, says he wants to empower citizens to help tackle the sale of assault rifles. As an extra incentive, the governor wants anyone who sues -- and wins -- to be awarded $10,000. 

“If the most efficient way to keep these devastating weapons off our streets is to add the threat of private lawsuits, we should do just that,” Mr. Newsom said in the statement.

The governor’s response seemed to explicitly position California opposite Texas in the divisive battles over abortion rights and gun control — and to position him personally on a national front in the culture wars.

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