What To Expect Traveling To And From California This Holiday Season

Those traveling to or from The Golden State for the holidays should know the COVID-19 guidelines at airports. 

Although there are no vaccine requirements for domestic air travel, the CDC recommends getting COVID-19 shots. All international airports in the state have masking requirements. However, some airlines at Sacramento and San Francisco International require testing for passengers. At LAX, there's an online form required for contact tracing if there's an outbreak. Officials at the TSA say to check with your carrier and airport for COVID-19 guidelines before flying. "If you have a vaccinated situation, your family is vaccinated, enjoy the holidays indoors with your family," Fauci said on a CNN Global Town Hall on December 1.

Traveling does increase the risk of getting infected, he said, but wearing a mask and getting vaccinated and boosted helps protect travelers moving through busy spaces.While much is still unknown about Omicron, health experts are also underlining what we do know right now: Delta is a big threat.

"Delta is still the most significant player by far that we have in the US, and we're not in a terribly good place right now," Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, said Tuesday on "CNN Newsroom."

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