KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Monday December 20th


  1. Progressive Democrats are going after Senator Joe Manchin for opposing President Biden's Build Back Better bill. The West Virginia Democrat made the announcement on Fox News Sunday after the Senate had adjourned for the holidays. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Manchin's move an "egregious breach of the trust of the President." The New York Democrat said she and other Dems have "every right to be furious with Joe Manchin." Manchin is a moderate Democrat who has been troubled by the spending in the nearly two-trillion dollar bill, which aims to widen the social safety net and attack climate change. Dems need Manchin's vote in the tightly-divided Senate.  
  2. November new home sales in the greater Sacramento region have climbed to the highest level ever since 2004, according to the North State Building Industry Association. Buyers are continuing to snap up new homes despite cost increases and the hot housing market, that's driven up prices for new and existing homes alike, adding this is the latest evidence the Cap City housing market remains strong and should continue to grow.
  3. Weather forecasters are predicting several inches of rain in Sacramento and other regions in Northern California this week along with several feet of snow in the high sierras. Sacramento could get up to 4 inches of rain between Tuesday and Saturday. In the mountains, forecasts predict to 6 feet of snowfall is possible. The worst travel impacts are expected Wednesday and Thursday.
  4. The Newsom administration is warning they may levy heavy fines for those who violate the state's water restrictions. The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting the State Water Resources Control Board is expected to adopt temporary prohibitions on outdoor water practices, including hosing down driveways, filling up decorative fountains and watering lawns within 48 hours of rain. A violation of these rules would carry the threat of a $500 a-day fine.

Extra Links:

  1. Outgoing National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins told Fox News on Sunday that he's "sorry" the Wuhan lab-leak theory has become such a "huge distraction" for the country, despite there being "no evidence" to support it.
  2. Former California Governor Jerry Brown says there aren't enough consequences for criminals in California today.
  3. Dr. Scott Gottlieb says the Omicron variant "does appear to be a less severe illness," partly because of existing immunity among the population.

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