KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Friday January 28th


  1. Progressive Democrats are threatening to withhold campaign funds to Democrats who do not vote in favor of AB 1400. A new petition is circulating against AB 1400 and is being touted by a Southern Californian Assemblymember. 
  2. California will need billions of dollars in state funding to modernize its schools. Acting State Auditor Michael Tilden says schools districts have already submitted requests for almost $2 billion dollars more than what the state can currently provide. 
  3. The long-range weather outlook is not promising for Northern California. The National Weather Service says the chance for rain is expected to be below average through February 8th. Rain chances for Southern California as well as Oregon and Washington are expected to be closer to normal. A stubborn ridge of high pressure has been deflecting storms away from Northern California for nearly three weeks.


  1. Alleged video of midnight immigrant flights. 
  2. Assemblymember Nguyen on AB 1400 and the petition to end it.

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