KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Wednesday February 23rd

Lead Stories:

  1. The Sac City Unified School District is cancelling its student masking outdoors
  2. PG&E has announced a 9% rate increase starting on March 1st following approval from the California Public Utilities Commission. PG&E says prices are going up because of an increase in natural gas and electric energy prices, along with a reduction in hydroelectric generation due to the recent drought in the state. The company says it offers several financial assistance options to help customers that will be challenged by the rate increase.
  3. Police in the DC will soon deploy civil disturbance units in preparation for the possible trucker convoys that could cause gridlocks like the major blockades in Canada. And based on all reports, the truckers plan on demonstrating peacefully, but plan to cause a major disruption on the Capital Beltway ahead of the President's State of The Union Address next Tuesday.
  4. Sacramento is fast approaching a record for days without rain in the winter.


  1. California Representative Lieu on Russia's economic dilemma.
  2. DC News on the incoming trucker convoy. 

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