KFBK Morning News Show Recap - Thursday February 24th

Lead Stories:

  1. Russian forces appear to be targeting Ukraine military installations for now. NBC News says the major population centers have been spared so far from the missiles, tanks and troops and there has been no street fighting as of yet. Russia seems to be focused on taking out radar stations, airports and air bases -- in an attempt to take away the Ukrainian military's ability to fight back. However, Ukraine is already reporting casualties in the dozens, including several civilians. Russia has reportedly seen a number of its planes and at least one helicopter shot down. 
  2. Roseville City Unified School District is the latest school district to lift their indoor mask requirement. The school district sent a letter to families on Tuesday that said students have the option to wear face masks indoors. District spokeswoman Michele Perrault said they are not excluding anyone from the classroom if they are not wearing a mask. Staff and volunteers are still required to wear a mask indoors. Teachers are concerned about the school district's decision to violate state law mandating masks be worn indoors.
  3. The federal government is announcing initial 2022 water allocations for Central Valley Project contractors. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation indicated a third consecutive dry year for California. This means that most irrigation districts in the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys can expect to receive no deliveries from reservoirs and canals. In a statement, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said weeks of dry weather wiped out many of the gains recorded during the wet December days. Though, allocations could change during the upcoming months. If dry weather continues, thousands of farmers will not get meaningful supplies from the project.
  4. The supply-chain back-log has taken a toll on Northern California farmers. Many in Butte County see no way of getting their almonds, rice and walnuts to a desperate market. Butte County Farm Bureau's Coleen Cecil says in some cases farmers are having their crops driven by truck to a port where the containers can be shipped overseas. Cecil says supply-chain issues could have long-lasting effects if farmers lose clients over the back-log. Now, to make things worse, several nights of freezing temperatures are in the forecast. Farmers are out every night running water to keep the tiny sprouting nuts alive.


  1. The latest on why Russia is invading Ukraine, the push to recall Los Angeles County's DA, and US Women's Soccer team's equal pay victory
  2. The director of the criminal justice program at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's emergencies act.
  3. Bryant Gumbel’s exclusive interview with Brian Flores, his first since being hired by the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

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