Gas Prices Top $4 A Gallon Nationwide, A Potential New Record

ExxonMobile Posts Record Breaking Quarterly Profit

Photo: Getty Images

As gas prices soar in the U.S., some drivers in California are now paying nearly $7 per gallon for gas.

Gas prices are up nearly 50 cents on average since Russia invaded Ukraine. As of Sunday afternoon, the national average of a regular gallon of gas was $4.009, according to AAA. That's up 8 cents from Saturday and up 40 cents from last week. The U.S. hit the $4 national average a day earlier than analysts expected.

California continues to shatter its record of highest gas prices and the most expensive in the country, averaging roughly $5.28 per gallon in the Golden State. California is the only state with an average cost over $5. U.S. gasoline prices at the pump jumped 11% over the past week to the highest since late July 2008 as global sanctions cripple Russia's ability to export crude oil after its invasion of Ukraine, according to AAA on Sunday.

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