California Parent-Group Seeking Legal Action For Mask Mandates in Schools

COVID-19 School, Face Mask School

Photo: Getty Images

The parent-group "Reopen California Schools" is seeking legal action to "unmask" the real reasoning behind mask mandates in California's public schools.

Many parents across California are questioning why mask mandates remain in place for many public schoolchildren , even as the state's mandatory mask mandate is being lifted. The group believes special interest groups are dictating the policy over California's school children and they claim the rules that are in place aren't based on science, and while the choice to wear a mask or not is now being left up to individuals in public or the workplace, the same option isn't being offered to kids due to union control. And now, Jonathan Zachreson, founder of "Reopen California Schools" is digging deeper to try and unmask the reasons for discrepancies between school masking policies and other parts of society.

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