Russia Expands Attacks In Ukraine, Targets Airport Near Polish Border


Photo: Getty Images

Russian forces launched a new phase of their invasion into Ukraine and are now targeting cities in the western half of the country. On Friday (March 11), Russia launched a series of airstrikes, including one that caused significant damage to the airport at Lutsk, which is just 70 miles from the Polish border. Ukrainian officials said that two people were killed and six others were injured in the attack.

Another airstrike targeted the military airfield at Ivano-Frankivsk.

Russian officials confirmed the strikes saying that "high-precision long-range weapons attacked Ukraine's military infrastructure."

"The military airfields in Lutsk and Ivano-Frankovsk were put out of action," they added.

The attacks were likely targeting Ukraine's MiG-29 fighter jets. In addition, attacking the airfields will make it more difficult for Ukraine to resupply its forces in the Eastern part of the country, where most of the fighting is occurring.

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