California State Assembly Lawmakers Reject Gas Tax Proposal

Close up hand holding green gasoline fuel nozzle and being fill gas tank of black car in gas station Concept of Global Fossil Fuel Consumption.  Replace by alternative energy in near the near future

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Democrats in the California State Assembly are again rejecting a Republican proposal to suspend the gas tax in California.

On the assembly floor Thursday, Republican leader James Gallagher argued Governor Newsom's plan to give $400 to each driver starting in July will take too long. California Republicans currently favor a temporary suspension of the state's gas tax, saying it's the quickest way to offer relief. This is the second time Democrats have voted down the proposal to suspend California's gas tax immediately. “People need relief now,” said Gallagher. “We've got now, like, four different competing plans amongst the Democrats. These guys are going to negotiate against themselves for weeks to months and who knows what we're going to get.”

Moving forward, they will debate the Governor's gas relief plan which would take months to enact. The Governor's office has confirmed that Governor Newsom would be willing to negotiate with lawmakers about who can get the money, a process that could take some time to sort out.

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