15-Year-Old Killed During 'Prank Gone Wrong'

Photo: Getty Images

An incident in which a 15-year-old was fatally shot following what local police called a "prank gone wrong" has been ruled as a justifiable homicide.

Jackson (Mississippi) Police Deputy Chief Deric Hearn confirmed three teenagers approached the home of Joshua Davis, 17, on Saturday (May 21) while wearing ski-masks and carrying toy water guns that looked like assault rifles, WLBT reports.

Davis was armed with a real gun and shot one of the teens, identified as Christopher Patton, 15, once in the chest after he had pointed the water gun at Davis.

Jackson Police identified the other two teenagers who approached the home as Derreon McGowan, 17, and Jakuious Galloway, 19, WLBT reports.

Hearn confirmed that the three teens are all friends with Davis prior to the incident, which was considered a "prank gone wrong."

Officers found two assault rifles and one real handgun inside the vehicle in which Patton, McGowan and Galloway traveled in. Davis, McGowan and Galloway were all taken into custody before officers determined that the case was considered a justified homicide and Hearn confirmed none of the teens were in custody as of Saturday.

Hearn told WAPT that Davis could face homicide charges if investigators later determine that the gun he used during the incident was stolen, used in a previous crime or obtained illegally in any other way.

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