11 People Charged Over 'Satanic' Child Sex Ring Involving 'Witchcraft'

Handcuffs and Fingerprints

Photo: Getty Images

Authorities in Glasgow, Scotland, have arrested 11 people accused of running a child sex ring and abusing three children for ten years.

Seven men and four women were indicted on 43 charges after prosecutors alleged they raped two young girls and a boy. In addition, they are accused of forcing the children to participate in witchcraft and satanic rituals, which involved physical and psychological torture.

In one shocking claim, four of the individuals were accused of trying to kill the youngest girl when she was just a few weeks old by putting her in a microwave, an oven, and a refrigerator, the Mirror reported.

Prosecutors said that some of the horrific actions were documented on video because the adults ordered the boy to film the abuse being committed against the children.

Five other people were named in the indictment, but they have since died.

The trial is scheduled to start in September 2023 and is expected to last eight weeks. All 11 defendants have denied the charges against them.

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