KFBK Morning News Show Daily Recap - Wednesday August 31st

Lead Stories:

  1. The fate of California's last nuclear power plant, the Diablo Canyon, will be decided by tonight at midnight. That's the Legislature's deadline for SB 846, which aims to extend the life of Diablo Canyon by another five years. Right now it is slated to close by 2025. Click here to read more.
  2. The father-in-law of Governor Newsom has donated money to the campaign of Florida Governor Ron Desantis. Click here to read more.
  3. Power regulators in california are warning of power outages as a record-setting heat wave is set to hit the west coast over the next few days. California's power grid operators are expected to issue flex alerts for the holiday weekend. Click here to read more.

Extra Stories:

  • Lawmakers move forward a bill aimed at protecting kids who use social media. Click here to read more.
  • A study shows more catalytic converters are stolen in California than in any other state, and more often. Click here to read more.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev, who set out to revitalize the Soviet Union but ended up unleashing forces that led to the collapse of communism, the breakup of the state and the end of the Cold War, died Tuesday. The last Soviet leader was 91.

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