KFBK Morning News Show Daily Recap - Friday October 7th

Lead Stories:

  1. Governor Newsom possibly calling a special legislative session to discuss the windfall tax proposal. Click here for more.  
  2. Climate agreement signed yesterday by the Governors of California, Washington and a leader from British Columbia. Click here to read.
  3. Sacramento City Unified School District adding Narcan to the list of medications they can give students. Click here for more. 
  4. Californians receiving their inflation relief payments today. 

Extra Links:

  • President Biden pardoning those convicted of simple possession of marijuana. Click here to read.  
  • Kanye West, speaking out after wearing a controversial t-shirt that said White Lives Matter, on how Hollywood bullied him into biting his tongue about his support for Trump. Click here for more.
  • A drug designed to treat diabetes has become popular for those who want to lose weight quickly. 

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