KFBK Morning News Show Daily Recap - Wednesday November 16th

Lead Stories:

  1. Former President Trump announcing he's making another run at the White House in 2024. Click here to read more.
  2. Yosemite National Park calling for more visitors during the winter months as it aims to be the more affordable alternative to Tahoe. Click here to read more.
  3. Harvey Weinstein's defense attorneys wanting Governor Gavin Newsom to testify (article has since been pulled from LA Times).
  4. Republicans now closer to taking control of the House of Representatives as Kevin Kiley is projected to win in the 3rd Congressional District race. Click here to read more.

Extra Links:

  • risks and scams New website in California that addresses crypto currency and scams. Click here to read more.
  • Nurse shortage in the US causing a need of more than 200,000 new nurses every year from now until 2030 to meet demand. Click here to read more.

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