KFBK Morning News Show Daily Recap - Monday December 19th

Lead Stories:

  1.  Voting begins today on a deal to end a 5-week strike on UC campuses. Click here to read more.  
  2.  Hundreds of Americans stuck in Peru, where civil unrest has erupted, with a Northern Californian man saying they're in danger of running out of basic supplies. Click here to read more
  3.  Karen Bass announcing a new program to move homeless people off the streets and indoors starting tomorrow. Click here to read more
  4. Title 42 set to expire this week, with El Paso declaring an emergency. Click here to read more

Extra Links:

  • World Health Organization warning of a shortage of Cholera vaccines. Click here to read more
  • January 6th committee expected to recommend criminal charges against former President Trump. Click here to read more
  • US Attorney General issuing new orders to federal prosecutors on how they prosecute convicted drug dealers. Click here to read more

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