KFBK Morning News Show Daily Recap - Wednesday March 8th

Lead Stories:

  1. More atmospheric river systems heading to the West Coast starting tomorrow, leading to flooding concerns over how fast the snow pack could melt due to the warmer rain. Click here to read more.
  2. California Democratic lawmakers on the "Public Safety Committee" are rejecting 3 laws back by Republicans that aim to enhance consequences for violent criminals, ban homeless encampments near schools, and provided more transparency on how the state determines who is released from prison early. Click here to read more.
  3. Senator Dianne Feinstein is out of the hospital and continuing her recovery from shingles at home. Click here to read more.
  4. 30 of the 32 states in Mexico are under U.S. travel advisories, and there are six "Do Not Travel" locations, including the area where four Americans were kidnapped and two were killed. Click here to read more.

Extra Links:

  • A passenger on the plane when a man tried to stab a flight attendant with a broken spoon is recounting her experience. Click here to read more.
  • The DOJ is suing Spirit Airlines to block a merger with JetBlue Airways according to AG Merrick Garland. Click here to read more.

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