Golden Retrievers Save Lives Of 5 Boys Caught In Rip Current

Lifeguard dogs and instructor at the beach.

Photo: Zummolo / iStock / Getty Images

A pair of trained lifeguard dogs saved the lives of five boys who got caught in a rip current while swimming at Forte dei Marmi beach in Italy, Newsweek reported.

The boys, who were vacationing with their family from Peru, were swimming about 50 yards from the shore when they started screaming for help. That's when Kelly and Beatrice, the two golden retrievers on duty, jumped into the water and swam out to the boys.

The two dogs, who were trained at the Italian Rescue Dog School, worked with Sandro Petrillo, the lifeguard on duty, to bring the boys back to the shore.

According to the Italian news outlet la Repubblicathere was a red flag warning at the beach due to stormy weather. That made the rescue operation even more difficult.

"I had been on duty for half an hour," Petrillo told the outlet, "but we immediately jumped into the water. We carried out the rescue with many difficulties."

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