California Restaurant Serves The 'Unhealthiest' Meal In The Entire State

Street vendor carrying box of doughnuts, mid section, elevated view

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What is the unhealthiest meal that you've ever eaten?

Greasy, processed foods such as loaded fries, hamburgers, meat-packed subs, and pizza might be the first to come to mind, but don't forget about dessert! Sugary foods like ice cream and donuts can creep up on you even if served in small quantities. In fact, some of the most unhealthy meals in the entire country are served in small quantities, it's the food itself that is considered largely unhealthy. There is one restaurant in California known for serving a meal so bad for your health (but perhaps good for your soul in moderation) that it is considered the absolute unhealthiest meal to consume in the entire state.

According to a list compiled by Eat This Not That, the unhealthiest meal in all of California can be ordered at Donut Friend located in Los Angeles. The unhealthiest menu option is the "Fugdegazi."

Here's what Eat This Not That had to say about the unhealthiest meal order in the entire state:

"If you have to watch your fat or carb intake, you most likely have to keep an eye out for donuts. This restaurant offers a variety of sweet takes on donuts, like the Yo La Mango or the Fudgegazi. While these pastries taste delicious, the menu can wreak havoc on anyone trying to watch their caloric intake. Have just one as a sweet treat."

For a continued list of restaurants that serve the unhealthiest meals across the country visit

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