California City Named The 'Safest City' In The Entire State

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Would you consider your city a safe place to live? Many factors including crime rates, population, and location determine how safe or unsafe a community is. Researching the safest place to live in each state can help individuals choose the best place to move, raise a family, and travel to. Just because a city does not top the list of the safest places to live in each state does not mean that the whole city is unsafe. Sometimes, it's only specific neighborhoods that possess high crime rates.

According to a list compiled by LendEDU, the safest city in all of California is Imperial Beach.

Here's what LendEDU had to say about compiling the data to discover the safest cities across the country:

"To begin this study, we found the total crime risk score of every town in every state. Once this was done, we were able to separate the master sheet into 50 individual sheets broken down by state. For most states, a population cutoff was set at 5,000, meaning towns in that state with a population below 5,000 were not analyzed further. For some of the less populous states like Montana, Wyoming, or Alaska, a population cutoff was not established because these states did not have enough towns to warrant a population cutoff. Each state and the corresponding cities were ranked based on their total crime risk score and, more specifically, the difference between their score and the national average total crime risk score of 100. We ranked the cities in each state based on the difference of their total crime risk score and the national average of 100. These scores determined our list of the safest cities in America."

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