California County Named 'Best Place To Raise A Family' In The Entire State

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Would you consider the county that you currently live in to be the best place to raise a family in your state?

Many factors including crime rates, location, quality education, affordability, health care, and family-friendly lifestyle determine just how great a place is to raise a family. With all these factors in mind, there is one county in each state known for being the best place around to raise a family. Be it safety, an exceptional school district, or a desirable location; something about this county screams family time!

According to a list compiled by Stacker, the best place to raise a family in California is Santa Clara County. This county is known for its safe neighborhoods and variety of top-notch school systems.

Here's what Stacker had to say about compiling the data to discover the best places to raise a family across the country:

"Most families place affordable homes, safe neighborhoods, a quality school system, and family-friendly activities at the top of their wish lists. Stacker compiled a list of the best counties to raise a family in California using data from Niche. Niche ranks counties based on a variety of factors including cost of living, schools, health care, recreation, and weather. The list features counties that boast some of the top schools and fun, family-friendly activities for every season."

For a continued list of the best counties to raise a family in across the country visit

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