California Restaurant Serves The Best Burger In The Entire State

Man eating cheeseburger and cheese fries at fast food joint

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Do you remember the first time that you enjoyed a big, juicy burger? Despite very standard preparations, there are a wide variety of ways to enjoy a hamburger.

Some prefer to top this classic dish with the works: ketchup, mustard, tomato, pickle, and onion, while others enjoy their burgers plain with a side of fries or coleslaw. Though hamburgers are available at a multitude of restaurants scattered throughout the state, only one can be the best! Regardless of your preferred dressings and sides, there is one restaurant known far and wide for serving the best burger around.

According to a list compiled by Reader's Digest, the best burger in all of California can be found at Pie 'n Burger located in Pasadena.

Here is what Reader's Digest had to say about the restaurant that serves the best burger in California:

"An institution in Pasadena since the ’60s, Pie ‘n Burger offers classic diner fare seven days a week to locals and burger tourists. Alongside pickles, tomato, house-made Thousand Island dressing, iceberg lettuce, and melted cheese is a perfectly cooked thin patty best enjoyed at the counter with a milkshake and fries on the side."

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