Snake Found Coiled On U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter In Florida

Photo: U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater

A U.S. Coast Guard team in Florida had a shocking "snakes on a plane" moment earlier this month. Officials uploaded a photo last week of a colorful snake coiled around a helicopter at the USCG Air Station in Clearwater.

"This unexpected stowaway was found napping on a Jayhawk tailwheel," the agency wrote in a Facebook post. "He reluctantly departed the scene when confronted."

The Miami Herald reported the surprising moment happened on February 9. An official told reporters that Petty Officer 2nd Class Cole Lindvall was conducting a post-flight inspection on an MH60 helicopter when he stumbled upon the reptile.

Lindvall, who's not a fan of snakes, said he jumped back when he spotted the scaly intruder.

“The snake was removed fairly quickly by another crew member on duty who wasn’t afraid of snakes,” USCG officials told the news outlet. “It was released into the grass away from the hangar.”

Reporters identified the snake as a two-foot-long corn snake, a species native to Florida. These creatures can grow up to four feet in length and are also known as chicken snakes and red rat snakes, according to experts.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said they're the best climbing species of snake in the state.

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