Actor Jon Voight Says Racism Was Solved Long Ago, Trump's Not a Racist

Donald Trump Speaks At The Values Voter Summit In Washington, D.C.

As far as Jon Voight is concerned, racism was “solved long time ago.” The ardent supporter of Donald Trump took to Twitter todefend the presidentin the wake of charges of racism after the back-to-back mass shootings that happened over the weekend. In a video message posted on Sunday, he says Trump isn’t a racist, but instead, “a man who loves his country.” 

In “Jon Voight’s Message for America,” he said, “My fellow Americans, too many are angered at the words of racism. This has been a big issue for the Black community since the Civil War, but this has been solved long ago by our forefathers for peace and love.” 


Angelina Jolie’s dad went on to say, “It seems that the angered left and angered minorities want to hold President Trump accountable for past lives. You see, we have been gifted with truth and, as I see it, anger is among the old chains that were binding to the people of slavery, old wounds that still seem fresh.” He then invoked the Holocaust. 

Needless to say, the Twitterverse went crazy.

  • One supporter said, “You must be getting senile if you think Donald Trump isn’t racist.”
  • Another, who tweeted a picture of a Black man in a noose being led by a White man on a horse, said, “Racism is alive and thriving in Trump's America!”
  • Another White person said, “As a White person myself, may I suggest you research the phrase “white privilege.” In the dictionary, you just might find a portrait of yourself. Please do not presume to tell the oppressed how they should feel about that oppression. Such nerve.”
  • Finally, one person said, “You’re a complete and utter liar. The problem of racism has not been solved it’s been made worse in the last few years due in part to Trump fomenting racism. You should actually talk to people rather than sit inside your bubble.”

Source:Jon Voight



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