Bruce Lee’s Daughter To Quentin Tarantino: 'Shut Up'

Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannonslammed Quentin Tarantino over the portrayal of her late father in his latest flick “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” Tarantino responded to the controversy by defending his work, and now Shannon has two words for the director: “Shut up.”

Photo Call For Columbia Pictures' "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood"

To recap, Shannon didn’t like that her father came across in the film like he was “full of hot air,” when the reality was he had to work twice as hard as everyone else to make it as an Asian-American in the 1960s.Tarantino’s responseto Shannon’s complaints was that he didn’t just make things up for the movie, he remembers Lee being “kind of an arrogant guy.”

When asked by Varietyhow Tarantino could make things up to her, if possible, she says “he could shut up about it..” “Or he could apologize or he could say, ‘I don’t really know what Bruce Lee was like,’” she adds. “‘I just wrote it for my movie. But that shouldn’t be taken as how he really was.’”




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