Well...Hello Fall...

If I've done this correctly we should all be on my page within the KFBK.com website.  If I haven't, I apologize for messing with your news feed. Thanks for visiting and I hope this is a place we can interact if you are kind enough to be a frequent (or even occasional) listener of the KFBK Morning News.   I've been settling in for the last month, meeting co-workers, getting used to the pace of the mornings (like being shot out of a cannon at 5 am) and generally, enjoying the heck out of being in the mix of a newsroom again.  

As I've said before, I've been a journalist for decades so news is like driving to me. It feels very natural. However, when you get into a new car there is an adjustment. KFBK is a sturdy, well-oiled and powerful drive. When you step on the gas it goes.  Ok. Done with car analogies. The point is, I feel good here and look forward to growing in the position and in the company.  

Since I'm already doing 4 hours of news a day, I probably won't use this space for additional headlines and news.  I'm also not a big fan of opinion journalism...I know, its a bit old school of me... but the journalists I respect most allow me to make up my own mind on the big national issues.  If you really want more opinion journalism there are few other places you can go (like everywhere).  

I'd like to use this place to pass along stuff I find interesting: new research, innovations in technology, leadership, media landscape, cool stuff in the community, book recommendations and items from you that inspire me.   I take my job seriously, my responsibility to you seriously but I don't take myself too seriously and I'd like to have some fun on this platform too.

I try to post some original content each week on my social media.  You can follow me (if you do such things) on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram and Snapchat.  You can link to any of those from my website, CristinaMendonsa.com  On Mondays, I post a digital newscast called, "The Short List" with a few interesting stories, my podcast and whatever video story I"m working on that week.  My podcast is called, "A Fresh Agenda" (Soundcloud, Itunes, stitcher) and I interview innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.  I also do a hyper-local digital series called "Folsom Focus" (available on the Folsom chamber website) where I highlight a story about Folsom. 

Its kind of a lot actually and stuff may change as I move through this new season...but for now, that's what I'm up to. We're coming into my favorite time of year and like those who await the arrival of pumpkin spice everything...I am eager to start feeling a chill in the air and put Summer's memories aside.

Here is to a new week...a new season...a new beginning (as I hold my coffee cup high).  Let's find new reasons to inspire each other and ourselves...oh...and please listen in the morning if you able. Dan and I would love to have you along for the ride.  You can reach me at: cristinamendonsa@iheartmedia.com or through my website: CristinaMendonsa.com

Cristina Mendonsa

Cristina Mendonsa

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